Saturday, January 29, 2011

My New Little Morning Visitor

He sits outside the kitchen window in the early morning hours eating and then eating some more. Actually there are 3 of them now visiting. I can finally tell them apart. How? By their tails. This fella has a thin tail with a single streak of orange/red down it's center. The other two... their tails are different in thickness and colour.

We place seed for the birds on top of the housing covering the oil tank which is what you are seeing in this picture. This little guy climbs up through the hole around the pipe you see sticking out.

Gracie (the dog) for the first time noticed him just the other day. Now she stands on her hind legs, front paws resting on the kitchen sink ledge and whines at the little chipmunk. Behind double panes of glass, the chipmunks don't hear her. It's funny to watch her watching for them now. I'll notice Gracie has stopped doing whatever it is she was doing and she will be staring at the kitchen window. I know she's waiting for her next glimpse of the chipmunk.

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Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Lulu thought that my kitty was a squirrel and when I asked her Why? She replied in all sincerity, “Look at her tail !~!”

CatCat does have a remarkably bushy tail.

Happy Snowstorm; hope your stove cooperates.

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