Monday, August 2, 2010

Where I Have Been....

But, of course, I have been canning. The garden is coming in fast and furious. I start the day by double and triple checking the weather.... rain or, no rain. Which answers the question of whether we are going to be watering the garden or, not.

This past month of July... I think we watered 20+ days out of the month. We didn't get a lot of rain here. We had 16 days of rain per the Beckwith Township Weather Station. But wait...... only 7 days had more than 1.0 mms of rain. And, remember that 1 inch equals 25.4 mms so you can figure the 1.0 mms of rain on those 9 other days is just a teeny tiny bit. We had a total of 40 mms. of rain.... not even 2 inches for the whole month.

Then it's onto looking at the temperature of the day. Is it going to be stifling hot or, cool enough to can?

Then once I have decided it's cool enough to can.... then it's onto picking and harvesting whatever needs it the most. The garden has been very productive this year.

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