Thursday, August 12, 2010

Morning in the Garden

One of the delights in my life is my morning ritual of walking outside drinking my morning coffee, enjoying being in the garden.

I can watch the sun change shadows from deep purple to gold to bright sunlight. I can hear the birds calling back and forth to each other. The cidada are humming away and peepers are quieting.

Life unfolds out there. Day by day, season by season and by paying attention, I get to know my world better. I connect in some way; my inner world meets that outer space and it's in those moments all the creating of a garden fade into the joy of being in one.

There's no way I can begin to tell you of the changing tones of the light as it slashes and unravels the night's work. Those small hints of light pushing through trees. To lengthen, to change shape and color. To dance in the wind of a moving branch.

It's a joy that goes deeply into my soul that can indeed call tears on a good day and a calm, weary smile on a bad.

Oh, I don't see the magic every morning because sometimes my head is full of other things. Of life and it's worries and cares. It is those days I regret as I grow older. It is the giving away of those precious moments to others instead of being in the now and enjoying.

This sense of soul is easily disturbed by in rushing thoughts or ideas, a sideways thought can cause me to see a cloud has gone over the light and the magic is gone. In reconnecting with the outer world, the moment and magic disappears. How sad that can be.

It's mostly OK. I know the magic is there, we've connected and life is good. That brief moment in the morning is why I garden. To breathe - in my world.

And I celebrate. In my garden, my heart and my soul.


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

just lovely, Cita, thank you for reminding me to count my blessings.

Phiddy said...

It's been lovely in the early, peaceful and oh so quiet. I just had to try and write how I was feeling being there.

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