Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trying To Keep Up

I am trying to keep the blog updated with all that is going on in the garden.

I had a friend (thanks Lisa) who brought me some rhubarb. I was so busy when she came to visit I set the barb aside and almost had it die on me. It's now been transplanted into one of the in-ground gardens.

The other small plants you see.... the single one in the picture is a spinach seedling and the other is the radishes which are coming up like crazy.

Yesterday I rec'd in the mail my onion and potato sets. They'll have to be going in soon now too. DH is going to convert the old horseshoe pits to patches for both the onions and potatoes.

But, for today I am going to be working on getting the peas started. I have to go see how my covering the ground did for killing the grass. If it didn't do well.... that means hand turning the soil. UGH! I'll set the pea seeds to soften over night and (try to) remember to inoculate them before planting. Oh I can taste those yummy morsels already.

Running at the day.... or, maybe I should say slowing moving forward? Boy has Spring sprung in my neck of the woods.

And, don't forget tomorrow is Earth Day. Plant a tree! (We have two trees coming this weekend, a weeping willow and a Gala apple tree.) And, remember, reuse, reduce and recycle!

PS Happy Birthday wishes to my brother today!

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