Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ah... Beautiful Trees

They came and they are in the ground. Those holes we had in the lawn for the past month are finally filled.

I am oh so happy to have the trees in. They look spectacular too.

The last apple tree (and it's a cortland... again I was wrong... it's not a gala) is filling out our little orchard perfectly. Oh and notice the pile of rocks? That's part of what is called the Canadian shield. Here's some information on those rocks....

The Canadian Shield is Canada’s largest physiographic area as it can be found in at least six provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec plus Newfoundland and Labrador) and two territories (Northwest and Nunavut). It covers about two-thirds of Ontario and contains Precambrian rocks that are more than 570 million years old. The rocks are exposed or are covered by soils, peat, sand, gravel, clay and debris from the glacial activity in the past.

In other words.... anywhere you dig, you'll find this rock. Not easy when you want to plant anything! We have broken shovels, bent pitchforks and swore a blue streak when digging anywhere on this property. I wish this rock field on no one.

And, our sweet curly weeping willow in all it's architectural beauty is looking very beautiful. Especially when viewed against the skyline. It was positioned where it is to block the street light behind us as it grows.

The day is looking wonderful out my window. I am going to go out in it and smell the earth and feel the breeze.

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