Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Family

Here are pictures of my animals. Someone asked if I would post pictures of them.

Gracie is part beagle/part boxer. She'll be two years old approx. July 1. She was rescued from the local SPCA here. She's the love of my life. And, she pretty much does get away with things she ought not to. This picture is her on "her" couch.... just chillin' out. Notice the pillow under her head? How many dogs do you know that sleep with a pillow?

The flying duo are Lucy (white/blue colours) and Tiger (green/yellow). Lucy has been a member of the family for well over 6 years. Tiger joined the family less than a year ago. They get along most of the time. Or, is that... most of the time they agree to disagree. Oft times they are louder than the TV, the radio and all the street noises combined.

Just love them all. They add such another dimension to my life.

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