Monday, April 26, 2010

Early Morning Ponderings

As I sit here and eat my breakfast of yogurt made by me from the raw milk (I get it weekly) with peaches I canned last year, I am surprised at how self sufficient we are becoming. Every now and again it hits me how different we are becoming from our neighbors. Doing more for ourselves and relying less and less on society as a whole.

We recently planted blueberry bushes and added a Cortland apple tree to our small orchard we are establishing. This is in the hopes, I will be able in a few years time, have enough fruit to can and/or, freeze for our own consumption.

These thoughts were running through my head as I took today's pictures of the seedlings. I am always so grateful on how well the seedlings do grow. DH says I have a green thumb.... I just think I am lucky. But, I digress....

I was looking at these seedlings and this was the first time this year I thought of them not as seedlings but, as our food for the upcoming year. I am quite excited about this year's growing season as last year's was a not a complete loss but, between the monsoon rains we got and the late blight which destroyed my tomato crop... I am ready for a good year this year. So in keeping with showing you pictures of what's what..... here's the latest pictures of the seedlings.

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