Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I was telling a friend about some seed companies that I order from that do not sell GMO seeds and are NOT owned by Monsanto (which is pretty hard to find since Monsanto and their wholly owned subsidiary Seminis owns about 90-95% of seed companies). 

I just happened to keep surfing and reading and was pissed to find that six companies I get catalogs from, and have ordered seeds from before, are owned by Monsanto. This just goes to show that you really need to do your research about where your seed suppliers are getting their seed from.

Even if a company sells non-GMO seeds, you need to call and ask where they get their seeds from. If they say Monsanto or Seminis find another supplier. Here is just a small list of companies that is either owned or supplied by Monsanto or Seminis (owned by Monsanto) that I found on a blog I was reading called  The Urban Organic Gardener:
* Totally Tomato 
* Vermont Bean Seed Co. 
* Burpee (you see these EVERYWHERE!)
* Cook's Garden 
* Johnny's Seeds 

* Territorial Seeds 
* Earl May Seed 
* Gardens Alive 
* Lindenberg Seeds 
* Mountain Valley Seed 
* Park Seed 
* T&T Seeds 
* Tomato Growers Supply 
* Willhite Seed Co. 
* Nichol's 
* Rupp 
* Osborne 
* Snow 
* Stokes 
* Jungs 
* R.H. Shumway 
* The Vermont Bean Seed Company 
* Seeds for the World 
* Seymour's Selected Seeds 
* HPS 
* Roots and Rhizomes 
* McClure and Zimmerman Quality Bulb Brokers 
* Spring Hill Nurseries 
* Breck's Bulbs 
* Audubon Workshop 
* Flower of the Month Club 
* Wayside Gardens 
* Park Bulbs 
* Park's Countryside Garden

The first six are in bold type because these are companies that I have purchased seeds from in the past. I was SO distressed to find this out. Thankfully, the company I purchased from this year does not get its seeds from Monsanto or any Monsanto owned companies. 
 On that note, here is a list of seed companies that I have purchased seeds from before that YOU CAN  safely purchase non-GMO, non-Monsanto owned or supplied seeds from (the names are links to their websites):

Pinetree Seeds 
Organic Seed Alliance
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
High Mowing Seeds
Seeds Now

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