Wednesday, February 20, 2013

RIP Tiger-birdie

How very hard it is to lose a much loved pet.
No matter their size, they touch your heart and bring happiness and joy into your life.

We lost our youngest budgie Tiger-birdie yesterday to a chest mass (the vet said this).
There was nothing she said that could have been done to save him.
Though we rushed through freezing rain and driving snow to get him to the avian vet over an hour away from our home.

He brightened our lives, made us laugh and was a great companion to Lucy (the older parakeet).
He chattered through the bars of his cage, well protected, from Gracie (our dog) who would stand and watch his and Lucy's antics for hours.

He will be laid to rest with our beloved lovebird, Harley, in our gardens.

Here he is with Lucy.... he is the little green/yellow budgie.  

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Lynda Otvos said...

My heart reaches out to touch yours as you transition through this loss. I love you both and send hugs.

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