Monday, February 18, 2013

Holidays Today for Canada and the USA

MondayFeb 18Louis Riel Day in Canada   Louis Riel Day celebrates the achievements and life of Louis Riel, a Canadian politician who was a leader of the Métis people.                
MondayFeb 18Family Day in Canada   The Canadian provinces of Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia celebrate the importance of families on Family Day.
MondayFeb 18Islander Day in Canada    Islander Day is a day off for many people in the province of Prince Edward Island in Canada.  

MondayFeb 18Daisy Gatson Bates Day in the USA   Daisy Gatson Bates Day honors the life of Daisy Gatson Bates, a civil rights activist who played a key role in an integration crisis at Little Rock Central High School in 1957.
MondayFeb 18Presidents' Day (Washington's Birthday) in the USA    Washington's Birthday, also known as Presidents' Day, is a federal holiday held on the third Monday of February. The day honors presidents of the United States, including George Washington, the USA's first president.

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