Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Year of Beginnings

Here's to a new year. A year of hope. A year of beginnings. A year to end all years. Or, not. 
But, as I sat here thinking over the last nine months of my life and how the cancer diagnosis destroyed
my safety and security... I know I want something. What that is, I am unsure of. 

Cancer brought new words into my life. Words I hope no one ever has to hear spoken about 
themselves. It brought strange and sometimes difficult emotions to roost in my head. It brought never ending worrying. Pain. Misery. But, I digress. It also brought good things to me. 

My two sisters and I became closer. Via the magic of Skype. You see they live thousands of miles away. 
But, they were here with me every step of the way with my fight against cancer. Keeping tabs on me. Calling when they hadn't heard from me for a couple of days. Loving me and holding me up to the goodness of the universe. They were and are magnificent people.

My hubby, Mark, was here every day. Helping me in the ways only he could do. He was my rock and my stability. My go-to-guy for just about everything. 

And, the surprise of surprises.... I made a new friend. One who has become very dear to me. She was a work mate when this all started. Now that it is over and done with  (and yes it is done!!!!!!!!!), she is one of my dearest friends. She took over most all of the driving to and from the big city for my radiation treatments. For two long months we rode back and forth and back and forth on a daily basis. Never once did she accept money for the gas she was using. She was calm, gentle and always there for me. What a wonderful gift of friendship I got with this deal. 

I don't know why I am being so introspective today. Maybe it's the quietness of this morning.... Maybe because it's finally hit home I am not sick anymore. But, whatever it is doing this.... I am glad to be alive. Living my life once again.



Lynda Otvos said...

Namaste, my sister.

Karen Hargreaves Taylor said...

Oh My Sweet Sister, you have to know I think your one of the most amazing women I know. I loved what you wrote on the 6th, you are such an inspiration to me, when I'm down I often think of all that you have been through and feel grateful to be in your life.
I Love you Dearly

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