Monday, December 31, 2012

Snowblower Update

After trying everything we could and all we knew about with the snowblower, I insisted Mark
go and discuss the problem with the next door neighbor, Paul.  Mark came home with an industrial
heat gun and the words of Paul ringing in his head. Yup, think your impeller is probably froze up.

(Which if you remember is where the last post left off. Mark had my hair dryer and was going to try
that next.)

Took another 20 minutes or, so but, the heat gun worked! There was a whole bunch of ice behind
the impeller we could not see. The heat gun made fast work of melting it. I was never so happy to
see that impeller and auger turn. Yippee!

Oh and the snowblower isn't just used to clear the driveway and the sidewalk. DH of mine makes
paths in our back acre for our little girl, Gracie, to charge around on. Otherwise she would be chest
deep in the snow. I should get you a picture of her out in the snow. She's so dang cute.

Anyway, all's well that ends well.

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