Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

All is well. Subdued and quiet here. But, that's the norm for us.

We spent yesterday entertaining our close friend, Lisa. She lives over an hour away so to have had her here is special to us. She arrived laden with gifts and food stuffs. The food was her idea. She made most of our dinner and I filled in the bare spots in the menu.

You would have found us sitting at the dining room table and having some great cheeses she had picked up as we visited and chatted for well over an hour.Then we realized how dark it was starting to get outside. Lisa hates (as much as I do) driving in the dark. So it was time to eat.

Our menu included: ham, beef, risotto w/pine nuts, yams with apple chunks all from Lisa's hands. I added a few things from our garden I had canned; pickles, beets and chutney and some green beans which also were part of this past year's garden harvest. Our dessert was supposed to be a pumpkin pie. But, Lisa did confess and say she made one without a recipe and it didn't gel. I told her I would cover our dessert. I made a pecan/maple layer cake with a cream cheese frosting. Oh yum! Sent a good portion of that home with Lisa. Get those sweets away from me!!!!! 

I hope everyone is having or, has had a wonderful day. Happy Christmas! 

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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Merry merry my dear friend. I hope to be close enough one day to share a holiday meal with you. I am really glad that you all had a good day and that Lisa made it home safely even in the dark. Love you always, my sister so damn far away.

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