Sunday, December 30, 2012

Post Christmas Excitement

What have you been doing for fun today?
Working on getting our snow blower working again.
The shear pin on one end of the auger sheared off.
It needs to be replaced.
(Thank goodness we had two spares.)

Check this link;

But, seems the shear pin was not the only thing wrong with the snow blower.
The auger still won't spin.
Which means the snow that fell yesterday can not be cleared from the driveway.

Thought the impeller might be frozen to it's housing.
Poured a bottle of isoproply alcohol on the impeller.
Took alot of the ice away.
But, due to the housing it's hard to see if the ice is really and truly gone.

Plus with the temperature at a -14's terribly cold outside.
Nasty working conditions. 

Next will be the hair dryer on the impeller.
Or, going next door and seeing our neighbor, Paul, who is mechanically inclined for his thoughts. 

Keep your fingers crossed for some good luck here.
We really need our snow blower.

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Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Snow sux. I hope you get it fixed, Cita. What a bear that'll be getting the snow off the driveway with a shovel...

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