Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day

Did you know....?

This holiday derives from the Old English custom of giving Christmas "boxes" to tradesmen, postmen, and servants. The original boxes were usually made of earthenware and contained money, which could be retrieved only by breaking the boxes open. These days, a gift of money is usually contained in a greeting card and given before the holiday. Where celebrated (Great Britain, Canada, and Australia), Boxing Day is welcomed as a quiet day of recuperation from the season's hectic festivities. It is also the biggest day of the year for soccer playoffs.


Cartoon Characters said...

that's what we were always told! ;) I had to explain it to my American husband today.... :)

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Happy Happy, Cita bow Bita, Christmas crawls back into the attic for another six or eight months. LOL-when I had the card store I sold boxes of cards for this holiday All Year Long and people bought them too.

We had a calm mellow day or computer web surfing, naps, a baked chicken on yummy bread for a sandwich… all in all it was great.

This newer version of Mac’s OS Leopard has an auto correct menu where it will change common mistakes, fractions, trademark symbols and the like ‘on the fly’. Oh what a great toy that is. My two biggest are ’t e h’ for the. and ’t a h t' for that. {too funny it keeps correcting my demo errors and I have to put in spaces.} Too cute this new computer brain !~!

Blessed new year, Cita and to DH as well. How’s the blankie working out? Is it warm enough for those cold Canadian winters?

Hugs and Icicles.

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