Sunday, September 14, 2014

Summer Update

Here it is September already. I can hardly believe how this summer had flown by. Weather is cooling down and the maples are starting to turn colours.

Garden did very well this year. Nothing untoward happened unless you count the big holes under the raised garden boxes. Thank you Sonny. Oh and Sonny.....

He is doing well. He's settled in and he and Gracie have bonded well and are truly good friends. Only problem is he puts everything in his mouth and chews these very same things. Rugs, phone cords (dangerous), underwear, stuff out of the recycling bins, paper, hats, shoes... do I need to go on? Hard wood floors, pillows, books, grass, weeds, floor tiles in bathroom. Okay enough. You get the idea. Problem in all this... is how to get him to stop? We have tried lots of things, but, nothing has worked so far. Might be because we just never know what he'll chew next. Any ideas? Please leave me a comment.

Both lawn mowers, the tractor and the push type are down for the count right now. The lawn tractor purchased less than 4 years ago from SEARS (NEVER BUYING ANYTHING FROM SEARS EVER AGAIN!)  has a part that broke about 3 months ago. It's been on back order for all this time. With the service people saying.... they don't think they make that part. WHAT????????? It's already been prepaid for on a credit card... and here we wait with our lawn probably 10 - 12 inches tall. We had been mowing pathways in and around the acre with the push mower till it broke it's pull cord. I went to fix that and with the problems with my hands (fingers actually) I can not loosen the bolts on the mower to get to the starter area to repair the cord. Damn it. Going to have to call our favorite mechanic to come and help me do this.

Mark has been working on the rust repairs on the vehicles. Little car is well on to almost being done. Next
up will be my truck. Then it will be time to switch over the summer tires for the winter ones. The jobs they
never seem to end.

And, how was your summer?

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