Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stormy Monday

The storm front which created such terrible destruction down in the States brought us high winds, humidity and rain. We were out most of the day and when we returned home it was to find things tipped, tumbled and blown about in our yard. Rain barrels had blown off their stands (they were up but, not working yet - no water equals no weight). Our large (30 foot) ladder had blown over. Chain link gates on the enclosed gardens had blown open. Nothing devastating which couldn't be righted in a short time and no damages were found.

We drove into the big city of Ottawa. Which put us on the road for well over an hour and half. The car was buffeted by the winds (gusting at times to 70kph we later found out) but, being low slung, it wasn't a big problem, we hardly felt the winds at all. Other drivers were not so lucky. I watched one car as it cleared the end of a long line of dense trees... it went scudding off the road when the winds hit it. Kind of scary.

Hard to believe this was happening at home unbeknownst to us as yesterday appeared to be such a nice day. Our temperatures made it up into the 70s. With the humidity we were closer to 80. Wow, eh? We saw a few brief showers but, no torrential downpours.

Today's a calmer day for weather.... gentler winds (15kph) and cooler (50s) temperatures. More like April's weather is supposed to be.

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Cartoon Characters said...

you are certainly becoming "canadianized"!! ;) with your "wow,eh?" :)

Saw on the news - all the winds. We get winds blowing through our valley here...once in a while....we were in Mexico on vacation and our house doors blew open..!!! and they were locked!
Lucky we had someone checking in on the place...

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