Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Remembrance Day - November 11

Just wanted to share a beautiful song I rec'd from a Canadian friend for Remembrance Day.

Hi friends, I'm not usually a fan of large emails. However, Camilla and I have put our blood sweat & tears into this project. Music & Video ( we wrote the music) to "In Flanders Fields". We really wanted to breathe new life into the Remembrance Day message. The McCrae House here in town is on board, several schools are using it for assembly, and Rogers wants to air it. This is great but the rest of Canada needs it too. First just take a 3 minute look to remember our vets, after that if you know anyone/organization I should send it to please let me know, and I'm equally more than happy if you fwd, Facebook or do whatever to share it with more people - as a matter of fact I'll even just ask you to. I really believe in the message here. Enough said - pls enjoy the video. Your friends, Paul and Camilla Cook

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