Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Boy oh boy, is it ever cold out. And, this is just the beginning of our winter. Some folks tough would tell you it's hardly started. It is only early November. Phooey on them! It's cold and I am here to tell you so.

I woke up this morning to a temperature of - 6 C. The weather site I use called it "uncomfortably cold". No kidding! The ground is all white. Not from snow but, from frost. It freezes the bird seed to the feeders making it hard for my feathered friends to eat. And, when I walk on the grass I can hear it breaking. Breaking grass? It's an odd sound but, once heard you will remember it.

It's already snowed. But, just a tiny bit, barely covered the ground for more than an hour. My friend, twice has gotten well over an inch or, so. But, then again she lives an hour away and is in a higher elevation than I am.

Yesterday DH and I pulled the snow blower out. Wanted to give it the once over and make sure all was ready for our first big snowfall before it caught us unaware. It's been sitting patiently awaiting us all summer long in the back of the garage. We couldn't get it started the first time with the pull cord. We had to resort to starting it electrically. Which it did beautifully. Then there after the first time, it started every time with the pull cord.

The pellet stove we had installed this summer seems to be doing a good job keeping the house warm. The money we have spent on the stove and the pellets for this entire winter season... get this... have cost us less than what we paid last year in oil costs for the furnace.

Hoping for a mild winter and an early warm spring.


Cartoon Characters said...

wow. You could move to the west coast - BC! we haven't had our first frost yet and tonite we sat out in our hottub watching the stars and thinking how nice it was a warm sunny day today! We have had our fireplace on, but because it is on's mostly off. Amazing how different it is here ....from there.

Phiddy said...

Wow... no kidding. I wanna move to BC now!

Cartoon Characters said...

(and I am still running around outside in my barefeet!)


Phiddy said...

Okay, okay... I am now seriously jealous!

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