Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Costly Plumbing Repairs

Why is it that during the dead of winter is when all of our biggest problems occur? I know to some of you, you won't understand what a well pump is or, does. It's part and parcel of our rural life. It brings the water from our well into our house. It's life living outside a city with water mains and water costs.

Our well pump which was near to 40 years old finally gave up the ghost. This was about 2 weeks ago. The pump whenever water was run in the house would cycle on. Then in less than 5 seconds would cycle off. Then on, then off. You get the picture? Oh and let's not talk about what that was doing to our hydro (electric) bill.

The tank that was our reservoir had become water logged. The tank had no holding capacity any longer. Alongside that most of the connections were starting to leak. And, with those leaks there was rust happening. BAD RUST! Look at this picture. I wasn't exaggerating.

So I bit the bullet. Went online and learned how to hire a plumber. Thank you to Angie's List where I found a written article about things to ask, notice and request when talking to a plumber. I asked around to friends and co-workers for recommendations for a "good" plumber. I found one. 

Yesterday for 4+ hours the plumber was here in my house. Working. And, working hard. I watched and learned. Should anyone ask... I would recommend this plumber and his plumbing company in a heart beat. Hey and he even cleaned up after himself. That's not a bad thing in the least.

Here are the result of the plumbers visit. I won't mention what it cost because it had to be done and it was well worth the peace of mind I once again have about our water systems. 


Did I not tell you I also got my kitchen sink faucet replaced at the same time? You can see the rust stains on the sink from the previous faucet's leaking. The poor plumber had to saws-all the old one out as the bolts underneath the faucet were rusted so badly he couldn't get them to move at all. Sigh... no job in this house has ever been easy to do. 


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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

welcome to February, Cita !~! hope you fare better than January this year.

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