Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gardening and Climate Change

I am sitting here thinking about my garden this year. With the hard, long and difficult winter we have experienced this year... climate change echos around in my brain pan. Our last frost date is May 2 or, there about. Some say as late as May 10th.

I have been talking to all sorts of different gardeners as winter closes (hopefully). Including some local farmers this year. Asking for advice about the planting out time for this year after this horrible winter we have had. Everyone is shaking their heads and telling me they just don't know.

Environment Canada, the weather forecasting for all of Canada is stepping out and saying, we are going to have below average temperatures this summer. Oh no... this means problems for the tomato, melon and pepper group as they are heat lovers. Enough... I won't sit here and do the "what ifs" with the maybe forecasts.

Just like every gardener around.... you take what Mother Nature hands you and hope for the best.

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