Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eggs, beautiful eggs.....

Eggs, beautiful eggs. Free range, organic. What's not to love?

I was searching online looking for a place which raised chickens. After viewing some awful videos on a TV program from England about the treatment of laying hens.... I should actually call it cruelty and abuse, I made the decision to NOT buy store eggs any longer and support such an industry. Hence the online search.

I found Angie from Heritage Harvest Farm and her blog. She and her family raise free range organic chickens and sell the eggs. (More on Heritage Harvest Farm later.) I contacted Angie about her eggs. I have contracted to buy a dozen eggs weekly from her. Best move I have made in recent weeks.

Look at the picture of those eggs. Gorgeous. The eggs are actually extra large in size. The yolks are a delicate orange yellow in colour. And, talk about taste. Wow.... are they ever good! Beats the store bought ones hands down.

Thanks Angie!

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