Monday, March 9, 2009

Tiger Lily- not just another pretty face

This is our other new addition to the family.
In all the hoopla with everything else going on.... I forgot to introduce her.
This is Tiger Lily (the green/yellow) our newest budgie. She was brought into our home to keep Lucy Loo Loo (the blue/white budgie) company. Hoping to high heaven she is another female. But, Tiger Lily's cere looks more blue than pink. She's young yet... notice the size difference? Keeping our fingers crossed here as a male would complicate things to no end.

The Mr. and Mrs. Dolittle's menagerie now include;
Harley Beaner - a peach faced lovebird, 9 years old
Lucy Loo Loo - (I believe) an English budgie 6 years old
Tiger Lily - 6 month old budgie.... sex to still be determined
Gracie - 8 month old beagle/boxer mixed breed

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